Three quick tips to get better at managing your employees

I often get questions on how to be a more proactive mangaer rather than constantly losing time reacting to employee issues.

What if we asked ourselves what are we doing or not doing that creates out employee behaviours – and what if we changed it if we’re not happy with the results?

By confronting the issue and naming it we can move forward. If we allow poor performance in our employees, then we are to blame. We get the team we deserve.

How can you fix this?

1. Stop tying their shoelaces.
Get your employees to write down what he or she thinks is their top responsibilities. Then you write down what you think they are. Compare the two. Agree timescales. Measure the task so that you both know how long it takes. Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

2. Ask good management questions.
If you ask an employee why something went wrong, you encourage excuses which is negative thinking. A better question might be: what have we got to do to [fix this]? This encoruages them to think for themselves in a positive way.

3. Have a great management system and get your employees to think.
– all employees have a daily list
– they prioritise their tasks
– they allocate time to each task
– they put each task in their diary.

Then you meet weekly with the team to agree what needs to be done by them and agree performance levels. Finally, have a 1-2-1 meeting with your direct reports (never more than 8 direct reports) to go over their bit, their KPIs, and what challenges came up during the week. Train your team to bring their issues to the weekly meetings. Sometimes urgent stuff might crop up. But otherwise they need to think proactively how to resolve issues. And you need to be allowing them to do that.

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