Take some time to check your balance. Are you taking care of your key assets?

How balanced are you and your team?

Take some time to rate yourself in the following 8 areas of your life. Rate yourself from 0 – 10 where 0 is abysmal and 10 is perfection:

· Career/business

· Money

· Health

· Friends/Family

· Romance

· Personal growth/Spirituality

· Fun/Recreation

· Physical Environment

How did you do? How do you feel about your scores?

If you didn’t score yourself 10 for every aspect of your life, ask yourself what it would take for you to increase your score by just one point?

And if you increased your score for just one aspect, can you see that that would have an impact of other aspects of your life? If you were able to find just 30 minutes each day to exercise, for example, do you think that the extra energy that created for you might have an impact on your ability to have more fun which then might have an impact on your career or business? And how good would that make you feel?

The benefits of work/life balance and taking care of our physical and mental health are well documented and yet the way we go about pursuing business growth and increasing cash flow often lead us to neglect them.

Balancing production with production capability

One of my favourite business/personal development books is Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I’ve read it over and over again and continue to get great nuggets of insight from it. I try to implement these into my personal and business lives and share them with my clients and other business owners at every opportunity!

Covey’s 7 Habits are designed to help us grow our personal and business effectiveness and one of the fundamental principles that really strikes a chord with me is the ‘P/PC balance’ – Production/Production Capability.

Covey explains P/PC balance by relating Aesop’s fable of the goose and golden egg where the farmer, on discovering that his goose lays golden eggs, decides to kill the goose so that he can get all the golden eggs at once rather than wait for just one a day that the goose was delivering. But of course that doesn’t happen.

Don’t kill your goose

Cutting corners, chasing after quick results, or focusing wholly on outputs (production) will always be detrimental to that which produces the results (our production capability) if we fail to care for it properly, meaning us, the business owners, our staff, our machinery. This particularly resonates with me in my own business and my work with other business owners.

When we work obsessively in our business in order to grow it and earn more money, without looking after ourselves or our team, our production capability (our physical, mental and emotional health) always suffers.

As Covey explains “in our quest for short term returns or results, we often ruin a prized physical asset – a car, a computer, a washer or dryer, even our body … “ And I would add our mental and emotional health and energy when we end up getting stressed and burnt out.

Importance of physical and mental health

I’ve spoken with business owners who used to be very active physically but now skip their exercise routine in order to work a bit harder, or a bit later, to get the job done and increase cash flow. The inevitable result is that our physical fitness fades, we become mentally stressed, emotionally drained, we deprive ourselves of sleep and turn to stimulants in order to function or continue to produce. It’s a downward spiral as our health suffers and then our personal relationships suffer. Too many of us are caught up in this trap, killing our goose, our health, our production capability.

The benefits of taking care of our physical and mental health are well documented and yet our pursuit of business success and financial return often lead us to neglect them. I believe this is dangerous.

On the other hand, if we spend all our time looking after ourselves (our production capability) then production must suffer! If we don’t keep our production levels up, for example our marketing to build our sales pipeline, we will also be in trouble. It’s all about balance.

Getting the balance right

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to business growth: this is at the core of my own business values. In my coaching business, I insist that my clients focus not only on the health of their business bottom line but on their own physical and mental health and those of the employees. And I try to do this myself so that I’m in a good place to help my clients. It’s not always easy. But then not many of these great ideas usually are easy – otherwise we’d all be doing it already, right? We have to break habits and then form new ones. And this takes focus, discipline, repetition and patience.

Small changes made over time have a massive cumulative effect

Just by implementing small changes in our daily routines, with patience and repetition, we can work towards achieving more balance in our lives which will have a massive impact on you and those around you, I promise.

As Covey says “When people fail to respect the P/PC balance in their use of physical assets in organisations, they decrease organisational effectiveness and often leave others with dying geese”.

Ros Jones

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