5 practical, simple steps to recruit the best people to your business

I’m sure this has never happened to you, but recruitment of the wrong person can be such a pain! It can be a very expensive mistake for a business.

Here are five practical, simple steps to recruit the best people to your business.

1. Know who you want.

Clearly define the job that needs doing. Then ask yourself what type of person or personality would be best at doing that job. The clearer you are the easier recruitment will be. Do you need someone with a close attention to detail who’ll be happy to sit by themselves to get the job done? or do you need an extrovert personality who’s great with people? Use personality profiling tools such as DISC to help with this. Consider how you’re going to measure this person’s performance: how will you know they’ve done a great job?

2. Marketing the role.

Do you know the person who’ll be best for the job? If so, head hunt them. Use LinkedIn or other social media to find the best person. Create a one page website for the job. Include a video at the top telling people about your business culture and the job and how they should apply. Allow enough time for this process. You should always be planning ahead for business growth.

3. Filter out those who don’t fit, cherry pick the ones that do.

To do this, ensure you do more than a simple interview – get your candidates to meet the team, a test drive if you like.

Try different styles to test candidates in different scenarios:

  • group interview which should include the employees the person will be working with: you introduce the business, the team talk about the business, the applicants talk about themselves and what they’ll be bringing to the business;
  • panel interview where you have 5 of your staff asking questions of the applicants;
  • 1-1 interview;
  • on-the-job interview;
  • social interview where they bring their partner. Just watching how the applicant treats the waiter will throw up more clues for you.

4. Hire only the Best.

5. Induction.

Finally, make sure your induction process is thorough, fully planned and works to get your new recruit productive from day 1.

Make your organisation a magnet for top talent and teamwork. Then the whole team process will become an organic and easy one that makes hiring easier, retention a cinch and success a given.

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