Engage & Grow Programme

Did you know 87% of workforces are disengaged?

This means employees are not doing their job or are being disruptive to the organisation. A disengaged employee has checked out. They are not enthusiastic and do the bare minimum to get by.

For every disengaged employee in your business you are throwing away £34,000 in lost productivity for every £100,000 you’re paying them. This silent problem is having long lasting and negative impacts on businesses everywhere.

Not your traditional training

Engage & Grow was born out of a passion for helping people thrive. Its purpose is to reconnect employees. We are passionate about this because no matter what industry you’re in, people are the most important asset to any organisation.

Engage & Grow was also founded on challenging the norm. We believe companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees.

Turning disengaged into highly engaged

Endorsed by the regulated awarding organisation, Qualifi as Level 7, our Engage & Grow programme will re-focus, re-energise and re-engage the most important assets to your business – your people.

We focus on three areas of your business:


We then develop 12 “Engagement Keys” that are aligned to your focus areas and customised for every business and employee.

Each engagement key is tracked and reported on, per employee, over the programme, creating a highly transparent and accountable environment.

How engaged are your team?

Contact us and we will arrange an anonymous survey to be sent out to all your employees.

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How It Works

We use our Group Activation System™ which is an all action-based system. Through our weekly 60-90 minute meetings over 12 weeks, we create a movement in the mind of employees that then creates a movement in the business.

Developed around neuroscience, NLP and the science of motivation, based on human neurological motivators, core needs and preferred way of learning, everything we do during the sessions has to impact one of more of these elements and this is how we have been able to shift employee engagement like never before.

This is not a workshop – it’s an action based programme. There is nowhere to hide. All meetings are designed to captivate and entertain your key people, while strategically developing new habits and behaviours.

Our programme positively impacts all your people and transforms your business culture in just 12 weeks! It’s designed to take the day to day pressures off the business owner/s and managers. We’ll be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish. Maximum impact with minimal fuss.

We create highly engaged employees, which in turn provides:

  • A powerful and united culture
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Dramatically increased profitability & growth
  • More time for business owners and managers
  • Fewer human errors
  • Significantly decreased employee turnover
  • A fun and re-energised work environment
  • Scientifically and neurologically designed over 9 years
After working with Engage & Grow, your organisation can expect a more engaged workforce, improved productivity, stronger culture and more profit.

Improved engagement levels We’ve seen improvements by as much as 307% with our unique system

New leaders from all levels We turn disengaged employees into fully engaged leaders, regardless of their role

A high performance culture Our programme is systemised high performance – we take the guess work out of creating success

A better working environment We help develop an environment of positivity, transparency and shared accountability

How engaged are your team?

Contact us and we will arrange an anonymous survey to be sent out to all your employees.

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