Are you consciously growing your business? or are unconscious behaviours holding you back?

A cherry broke my tooth!

I bit down onto a cherry and broke my tooth.

A searing pain shot up my gum and there was a loud crack. I stopped everything immediately. Then gingerly fished around in my mouth with my tongue. My tooth had a new jagged edge and I could feel the broken off piece mixed up with the culprit cherry stone and the flesh of the cherry in my mouth. Ouch!

I had forgotten for a millisecond that a cherry contains a stone. The weirdest thing is that I know cherries contain stones so you eat them carefully, nibbling at the flesh and removing the stone discreetly into your hand, pushing the stone forward with your tongue into your fingers. My mother must have taught me this, though I don’t remember the occasion.

But you have to consciously think about that process while eating your cherry. And I had eaten that cherry absolutely unconsciously, chomping it as if it were a completely harmless food.

And now I had a broken tooth as a warning not to do that again, but to pay attention.

We are creatures of habit and it’s so easy to do things unconsciously while our busy minds are busily thinking about other stuff. Not realising the looming consequences of not paying conscious close attention to what we’re doing or what others around us are doing. Until a tooth breaks or some other – worse – calamity forces us to stop in our tracks.

Are you consciously driving your business forward each day, planning your outcomes and activities ahead with laser like focus? Or have you slipped into unconscious habits, not paying heed but doing the same things over and over again, your mind just too busy to focus on the present reality of where you’re heading?

I’ve designed a coaching programme that will allow you to step out of your business, pause, reflect and learn and implement new ideas that will transform your business from where it is now to extraordinary levels. If you follow the process with systematic and conscious attention I even guarantee results.*

If you’ve been in business for at least a couple of years and are interested in more revenue, more profits and more time to spend on the things you love to do, click here to get in touch and find out more.

* Though I do have a wand, it’s the additional ingredients of conscious effort, focus and accountability that produce the results!