A business is like a tree…

“A business is like a tree – it’s either growing or it’s dying.”

In my A-Z of business coaching, G stands for Growth.  When I introduce myself to business owners as a business growth specialist, I often hear, “We’re alright. We’re not interested in growing.  That would mean taking on more staff”. The word “growth” seems to strike fear into some people. But we can’t afford a fixed mindset if we want to stay in business today. Growth is more than recruiting.

It’s about innovating, staying ahead of our competitors, offering something new that our customers want, systemising so you can leverage your time, delivering more efficiently and consistently, expanding your customer base, being able to choose your suppliers, increasing profit to reinvest in your business or attract the best team …

The list goes on. It’s about becoming a great leader, expanding your vision and reducing the risk in your business. And then, one day you’ll have a commercial profitable business that will work without you being there. How good would that feel to have the freedom then to choose what you do with your time and your money? This is what I do: I help business owners make more money and free up their time.

So I’m curious: do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?

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