The last thing you think you need is a business coach

You're the best!

You’ve spent years learning your business and you’re brilliant at what you do.

You're well established!

Your family business has been around for up to 30 years and stood the test of time.

You work hard!

You work long hours running your business and that’s the way it’s always been.

You work hard because you know that only 4% of businesses survive more than 10 years.

The three biggest challenges facing your business are;

  • Every day it gets harder to find new customers
  • There are simply never enough hours in the day
  • Those disengaged employees that sabotage your business

Ros Jones can help you achieve your business dreams

Ros doesn’t just talk the talk. She deals in measurable results with a track record to prove it. You can test the water and try before you buy with no commitment until you are sure this is right for you. Now is the time to take action.


How does Ros make a difference?

Ros understands the challenges you’re facing and can provide the expertise, perspective and accountability you’ve been missing.

This impacts 4 key areas of your life and business

  • Time – Do you want to work fewer hours or step out of your business completely?
  • Team – Have you employed the right people and are they performing to your standards?
  • Money – Are you generating the cashflow and profitability you want from your business?
  • Marketing – Are you attracting interest, converting leads and creating lifetime customers?

Many businesses in North Yorkshire love what Ros does. She’s helped entrepreneurs in all industries achieve amazing results.

What others say about Ros Jones

  • Ros’s coaching has helped me change my focus and, quite literally, changed my life.
  • Ros is a brilliant business coach. She makes you think outside of the box and keeps you focused on meeting your goals both in business and personally.
  • When the financials are doing OK it’s easy to rest on your laurels a bit, but Ros has helped us see the untapped potential in our brokerage. Most importantly of all, she’s helping us unlock the personal potential in ourselves and aim for a better quality of life as well.

How can I work with Ros Jones?

Alignment day
Growth Club
121 Coaching programme
Engage and Grow
Action Club
Incubator Club

What should I do next?

The last thing many business owners think they need is a business coach. But why let yourself get stuck in that same rut for years? Break free and choose Ros for a fresh perspective and sound advice based on solid, down to earth experience.

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